Quetzal Jordan’s single “Good Man” featured on NPR

On June 11, 2020 NPR published an non-exhaustive, innovational playlist and article featuring queer country music. “Good Man” a single I wrote produced and performed, and later featured on my album Champion was included in that playlist entitled LGBTQIA+ Country which can be found on Spotify and Youtube.

I wrote and produced the song good man as well as performed on cello and vocally

In order to accurately represent modern culture and art in the south, the inclusion and unification of queer country music was an obvious and much needed step forward. One of my strongest personal goals and visions is to see to the visibility of minority voices, so I was elated when I heard the news of the inclusion of “Good man” in this playlist.

My contribution to this fresh display of queer country music features an innovative way of playing the cello and unique vocals. The style I chose to use in my performance is of a modern take on traditional Appalachian folk music which utilizes alternating bass lines and memorable, shareable lyrics. These bass lines are traditionally produced by the upright bass and or washtub bass, but in this performance I utilized my cello.

Please give “Good Man” a listen and revel in the representation of queer country music. Thank you NPR for composing this groundbreaking playlist and including my single.

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