A seasoned improvisationalist, studio cellist and songwriter. Co-founder and leading member of the group Tina and Her Pony featured on NPR. Quetzal has traveled extensively throughout the United states and the world. Quetzal performs with internationally acclaimed artist Leah Song of Rising Appalachia featured by Rolling Stone magazine.

contemporary cellist

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Photo of Palace of the Circus

“born in BC Canada to my Canadian father and raised by my Guatemalan mother, I’ve always felt that I was a child of this entire planet; not seeing race, nationality, age or gender as defining limitations. I have walked that thin line between worlds: light and dark, classical music and radical improvisation, male and female, spirit and matter. I believe that it is within the twilight of transition that we meet a certain kind of magic; a truth that we are all connected, not separate. in awe of that truth, the world becomes limitless and infinitely creative.”

– Quetzal Jordan

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